Wingnut - Freedom Foil Boards
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Wingnut Wing Foil Board


The Wingnut is designed to help you get up and stay up! The all-new Quad Micro Channel Bottom is uniquely engineered to reduce friction and allow for a quick release on takeoff. Gradually tapered rails reflect water near the nose and assist in avoidance around the tail of the board. If the wing is your thing, the Wingnut is built for you.


  • Concave Deck
  • Reduced Chine Rails
  • Quad Concave Bottom
  • Slight Step Tail
  • Forward Volume
  • Proprietary FFB 10.75" Mounting Tracks
  • Bottom Handle
  • Pressure Relief Air Vent
  • Leash Plug - Bottom Placement to Prevent Tangles
  • Deck Pad
  • Foot Strap Inserts
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Length (ft/in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Volume (L)
4'5" 22.5" 3.6" 50.0L
4'10" 24.5" 3.9" 65.0L
5'3" 26.5" 4.7" 90.0L


There have been no corners cut when it come to the construction of all Freedom Foil Boards. With the highest quality materials and manufacturing process, our boards are some of the lightest on the market while being reliable ride after ride.