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TC Pro

The legacy of a legend isn't just created, it's a title earned by combining the actions of past, present and beyond... Tom Carroll is a true surfing icon and FFB is beyond honored to bring his interpretation of foiling to our 2023 range with the TC Pro. Smooth, clean and tapered chined rails allow for minimal interruption of water flow and friction. A long and progressive bottom rocker assists in handling steep, high speed pockets when downwinding or surfing tight sections. The TC Pro is a culmination of over a year of testing, retesting and eventually refining so as to bring the Foiling World an one of a kind board specifically designed by the legend himself for progressive paddle and tow foiling.


  • Concave Deck
  • Deep Soft Chined Rails
  • Slight Double Concave Bottom
  • Enhanced Nose Rocker
  • Proprietary FFB 10.75" Mounting Tracks
  • Pressure Relief Air Vent
  • Leash Plug
  • Foot Strap Inserts
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Length (ft/in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Volume (L)
4'0" 18" 2.5" 23L
4'4" 18.8" 3" 30.5L


There have been no corners cut when it come to the construction of all Freedom Foil Boards. With the highest quality materials and manufacturing process, our boards are some of the lightest on the market while being reliable ride after ride.

  1. E Glass - Protective layer over paint and carbon
  2. Carbon Double Bias - High Grade Woven Carbon with extra fibers running in the longitudinal axis
  3. S Glass - Impact resistant layer of fiberglass to distribute loading from heels, hard landings, ect.
  4. EPS - Lightweight stringer less foam core
  5. High Density Foam Block - High Density Foam block to reinforce and keep foil tracks secure and in place
  6. Carbon Uni Directional - Uni directional strip of carbon to increase stiffness and response as well as reinforce the foil track
  7. Carbon Double Bias
  8. E Glass