Halcyon 1250 Wind Foil Kit - Freedom Foil Boards
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Halcyon 1250 Wind Foil Kit

The Halcyon 1250 is specifically for those light wind days or heavier riders that need just a little bit extra to get going. By producing lower low end lift with the increased size and thinning out the wing tip profile, the 1250 gets out of the water quickly and maximize each pump and glide to the full potential.


  • Internal Mast & Fuselage Connection - Stiffest Fit Possible
  • Tapered Bayonet Fuselage Locks Front Wing Into Place
  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Shortened Base Plate - Multiple Mounting Positions
  • 0° and -1° Shims, Tools, & Stainless Steel Hardware Included

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The 230 tail wing is the catch-all tail wing that works in any condition. Providing just enough lift to complement any front wing and make the foil feel comfortable and friendly out of the gate. With just enough wing tip curve to make it feel stable yet loose, the 230 is the gateway tail wing for Freedom and a must have for all abilities.

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Understanding the importance between the connection of board and foil was our starting point when building the Freedom mast. From there we tested materia ls and designs to ensure our mast was light, stiff and had a bomb-proof connection system. Next we honed in on a sleek and tapered profile that allows our mast to cut efficiently through water while maintaining a rigid relation between your feet and foil. The slide-through opening grants a seamless connection to our tapered fuselage. This solid fit provides for an instant transfer of power between front and stabilizer wings and gives your flight the responsive feel required for high performance foiling. The extra length will help you maximize your reach angles and get through wind chop without breaching the foil.

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Our fuselage is a solid continuous design to ensure the most direct contact between all the foil components. There is no energy loss between the front and tail wing due to our Titanium, fiberglass wrapped core giving a lightweight and stiff foundation to drive performance through the entire foil. 3K Carbon laminatio n keeps the fuselage light yet bombproof with stainless steel inserts to prevent corrosion.

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