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Freedom Wing

Lightweight yet rigid with a stable and responsive flight, the Freedom Wing is a dream to fly. Weightless in the hands with a gradual and stable pull, while offering a direct feel through ergonomic grips.

Reinforced to withstand the biggest crashes as well as take a higher leading edge PSI for superior rigidity. A swept dihedral design gives the Freedom Wing a stable flight while following behind you on a wave leaving you to focus on having a blast.

  • Freedom Focused
  • Semi Rigid Handles: Comfort and Control
  • Center Strut Panel: Stability and Response
  • Waist/Wrist Leash Included
  • Pump Sold Separately
  • Available Sizes: 4.2M | 6M
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Session Infographic
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Surf Style Design

The Session wing is specially designed to fly effortlessly off the leading edge giving you the freedom to focus on your ride. Free riders will also enjoy the lightweight and stable flight that is at the core of the Session’s DNA.

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Lightweight Construction

During our design and testing process a major goal was to keep the Session Wing as light as possible while retaining its rigidity and strength. This goal was achieved with the use of upgraded materials and minimising over-engineering, resulting in an easy-to-use yet dynamic wing.

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Balanced Profile

Stability and response are key to an enjoyable experience on a wing. The Session’s wing profile has been balanced to offer optimal responsiveness when needed while staying stable and predictable during neutral flight.

“The long handles are ideal to grab where you want and easy for handle passes and other maneuvers”
Rider: Makani Andrews

“I enjoy the range and direct feel of the wing. I can power it up through lulls and luff it out when chasing bumps.“
Rider: Lindsay McClure

“I love this wing because its light, stable and easy to fly. I can completely forget about the wing and concentrate on my foiling.”
Rider: Peter Mehrhof