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    • Front Traction Pad Set

      Front Traction Pad Set


      <p>The FFB 7-piece FRONT TRACTION PAD is designed specifically for Flight! Engineered to be light and grippy while remaining comfortable under your feet. The Front Foot Ramp, when positioned correctly is designed to lock in your front foot for maximum Pump and carve control. The numerous cutouts are intentionally positioned to expose multiple foot strap insert locations.</p> <br> <ul> <li>Ultra-Light & Designed for Flight!</li> <li>45&deg; Front Foot Ramp - Maximum Pump and Carve Control</li> <li>Corduroy Material for Minimal Rash and Optimum Traction</li> <li>8MM Raised Heel Arch</li> <li>Ultra-Light & Designed for Flight!</li> <li>3M High Grade Adhesive</li> </ul>

    • Rear Traction Pad Set

      Rear Traction Pad Set


      <p>Freedom’s NEW 4-piece REAR TRACTION PAD is full of features specific for foiling! From the unique and now REVERSIBLE Pump Bump to the narrow tail carve ramp, this traction is intentionally designed for flight. Our Trade Marked Pump Bump is engineered to assist you in leveraging your rear foot while in the forward position during flat water pumping. If foot straps are your thing, get the bump out of your way by reversing the pump bump traction piece.</p> <br> <ul> <li>Ultra-Light & Designed for Flight!</li> <li>REVERSIBLE PUMP BUMP™ - Assists in Leveraging Your Pump</li> <li>Narrow 9” Tail Width - Avoids Knee Rash When Paddling</li> <li>45&deg; Double Diamond Kick Tail</li> <li>Corduroy Front Section of Traction Pad with Reversible Pump Bump</li> <li>8MM Raised Heel Arch</li> <li>3M High Grade Adhesive</li> </ul>

    • Freedom Air Foot Strap Set

      Freedom Air Foot Strap Set


      <p>At Freedom Foil Boards, we pride ourselves in the details. The often overlooked and under appreciated fine tuning that takes a good product and makes it great! The Freedom Air Straps are a direct reflection of this philosophy.</p> <br> <p>If you're ready to lock in and boost, the Freedom Air Straps are for you!</p> <br> <ul> <li>Ultra-light Design - 3.5oz per Strap, Including Hardware</li> <li>Bio-ergonomic Outline</li> <li>Soft Durometer EVA Construction | Internal Webbing Strap for Strength</li> <li>Anti-twist Carbon/Nylon End Plates</li> <li>Revolutionary "Lay-Flat" Design for Paddling, Rebounds Back Into Position</li> <li>Stainless Steel Hardware - T30 x 30mm</li> </ul>

    • FFB Tow Rope

      FFB Tow Rope


      <p>The FFB Tow rope is designed for towing in wave and behind the boat surfing. The extra wide 10in handle provides enough space for two handed grip but not too much for easy single handed cruising. The FFB tow rope has 6 feet of padded rope grips for easy drive by picks ups.</p> <br> <ul> <li>10" EVA Padded Grip with Floats</li> <li>2' Shock Absorbing Section</li> <li>Soft Modeled Plastic End Caps</li> <li>30' Total Length - 4 Sections</li> </ul>

    • 6' Board Leash

      6' Board Leash


      <p>Don't lose your board! Ride with Freedom Foil Boards everyday surf leash.</p> <br> <ul> <li>Clear/Black Leash</li> <li>6' Leash</li> <li>Micro leash diameter</li> </ul>

    • Freedom Foil Boards 5" Die Cut (10 Pack)

      Freedom Foil Boards 5" Die Cut (10 Pack)


      <p>Freedom Foil Boards Vinyl Die Cut Stickers - Red</p> <br> <ul> <li>Sold as a 10-Pack</li> <li>Length: 5"</li> </ul>

    • Freedom Foil Boards 5" Die Cut (10 Pack)

      Freedom Foil Boards 5" Die Cut (10 Pack)


      <p>Freedom Foil Boards Vinyl Die Cut Stickers - Black/White</p> <br> <ul> <li>Sold as a 10-Pack</li> <li>Length: 5"</li> </ul>

    • FFB Die Cut 5" (10 Pack)

      FFB Die Cut 5" (10 Pack)


      <p>This is copy about the FFB Logo Vinyl Die Cut Sitckers</p> <br> <ul> <li>Sold as a 10-Pack</li> <li>Length: 5"</li> </ul>