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Freedom Air Foot Strap Single

Freedom Air Foot Strap Single

At Freedom Foil Boards, we pride ourselves in the details. The often overlooked and under appreciated fine tuning that takes a good product and makes it great! The Freedom Air Strap is a direct reflection of this philosophy.

Pair the single strap with a strap set to ride in a "Y" configuration while winging. Perfer to foil with a single strap? We've got you covered with this single strap option.

  • Ultra-light Design - 3.5oz Strap, Including Hardware
  • Bio-ergonomic Outline
  • Soft Durometer EVA Construction | Internal Webbing Strap for Strength
  • Anti-twist Carbon/Nylon End Plates
  • Revolutionary "Lay-Flat" Design for Paddling, Rebounds Back Into Position
  • Stainless Steel Hardware - T30 x 30mm