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Because of the combination of ultra light eps foam and carbon glassing there is a chance that if left in direct sunlight and or prolonged heat your board may eventually bubble and delaminate. Always keep you FFB stored in cool and covered enviornments.

All Freedom Foilboards are wrapped in carbon and fiberglass with Epoxy resin. Due to the ultra light foam used on FFB’s we recommend fixing any cracks or dings immediately as the EPS Foam is not closed cell and will readily absorb water. Always use epoxy resin with a combination of carbon & fiberglass cloth. If in doubt, always Consult with your local glasser.

Because of the immense leverage associated with foiling all freedom foilboards have divinicell (high density foam) patches around the foil boxes. This allows us to use ultra light foam everywhere else creating one of the lightest and strongest foilboards on the market.

All FFB’s are interchangeable with any plate mounted foil. We do not manufacture boards with tuttle plate attachments.

All FFB’s are glassed with a laminated ruler between your foil boxes so as to assist in positioning your foil and to keep track of your placement. In general, The further forward you place your foil on the boxes the more lift your foil creates and the further back you place your foil on your FFB the less lift your foil will create. Your foil placement will vary depending on skill level, size of board & size of wave or speed you will be flying. We recommend starting with less lift (further back) on you boxes until you feel comfortable with your foil and placement.

YES, foiling is an inherently dangerous activity. Always wear a helmet when riding a foilboard. Never foil around others and be vigilant of your surroundings. Just as in all watersports respect your community and the rules of the beach that you are at.

Waves that barely break are actually perfect for foiling. At FFB we are surfers who foil! What this means is we do not participate in foiling in or around other surfers. Most would agree that if you are foiling in waves where people are surfing your in the WRONG SPOT! The absolute best foiling waves are the ones that no one else is looking at! The slow crumbler that breaks and then fades into a rolling swell is the PERFECT FOIL WAVE. Please respect the surfers and stay out of the lineup with your foilboard!

Air vents are included on ALL Freedom Foilboards. Because we use such light EPS Foam and because we wrap the boards in black carbon, FFB’s will get hot and the foam can expand and contract. An Air Vent allows the pressure from high heat or from air travel to be released through the one way valve. This helps to prevent your board from over pressurizing and prevents your board from expansion. These vent are highly recommended in hot climates or for boards that require air travel.